Test Results

Test Results

Below our Independent test reports clearly demonstrate that Supa-Stelth (SS) pumps have:

  1. The worlds highest energy efficiency
  2. The highest litres (or gallons) PER watt hour  ( which is the actual cost of running any pump)
  3. The highest lift (net positive suction head or NPSH)
  4. The most resistance to cavitation
  5. The widest efficiency curve

We at New Fluid Technology are very thankful to the Government of Peoples Republic of China and our JV partners for assisting us in the task of building and testing SS pumps in the PRC. This for the worlds energy and pollution benefit.

The custom design, model making, casting, building and then exhaustive testing of every SS pump takes much time and many millions of RMB.


Standard vs Supa Stelth Pump10 Ton SS vs Standard

  • Supa Stelth Pump Test Report
  • 10 Ton Standard Pump Test Report
  • These comparitive tests are based on using the same motor ( 650 watt) on two different wet-ends. The SS is on the right. On the left is a famous brand name using conventional technology. By simply fitting our wet end raised the efficiency from 30.74% to 47.48% or an increase of over 50%.

Supa Stelth 30 Ton Pump30 Ton Pump


40 Ton Pump40 Ton Pump


60 Ton Pump60 Ton Pump




Is this one of the worlds most important pieces of paper?

This CHINA PUMP EFFICIENCY graph was produced by PRC. It shows ( on the bottom line) all of Chinas current pumps starting from 5 tons/hr all the way up to 10,000 tons/hr.

The vertical axis shows the efficiency of those different sized pumps. The lower curved line ( marked B ) shows the current state of the Chinese pump industry and how energy efficient each sized pump is. The top curve indicates where the Chinese authorities and scientists believe it is theoretically possible to raise the efficiency of pumps under this the 12th Chinese 5yr plan.

Why are the Chinese so committed to this small Australian Co New Fluid Technology? Well remembering that they themselves have not achieved the energy savings on the top curve yet...go to our test result of our 60 ton pump and mark our 80% efficiency point above the 60 ton mark on the bottom axis. You will notice that China`s pumps currently sit at 68% efficiency they WISH to get to say 76% and WE ARE ALREADY AT 80%!  Gradually over time the PRC and we at New Fluid Technology will build and test pumps all the way across this graph. All of our pumps to date have tested well above China's ( and the worlds) current pumps.