Technical Info

Technical Info

New Fluid's SUPA-STELTH pump has proven efficiency and flow advantages for:

An actual curve is shown below demonstrating average result. The example chart below relates to pool and spa pumps but gives similar efficiency increases for other applications. The graphs below are dated and have since been substantially improved.


Stelth vs popular

The pressure flow curve for Supa-Stelth pumps is ALWAYS much BROADER than conventional pumps and the above curve shows the significant efficiency increases suitable for a broad range of industrial, domestic, rural, marine, automotive and aerospace applications.


Please note; all small pumps give low efficiencies. For example generally pool pumps give a "best efficiency point" (BEP) between 37 to 47 % "wire to water" efficiency. Very few of the larger pool pumps exceed 50 % "wire to water" efficiency. The STELTH pump of course exceeds the 50% "wire to water" efficiency. Most importantly the STELTH efficiency curve is much broader than other pump curves. It is important to note that there ar two sides to an efficiency curve SS can operate on iether side. However at the same efficiency on the right side gallons per killo watt hour are vastly improved. This reduces the actual $ cost  of running.

For a more detailed explanation of just what is "efficiency" when applied to Supa-Stelth pumps and pumping in general please click on the following link

*Efficiency and energy factor


This chart clearly shows that for swimming pools and most other applications Supa-Stelth pumps are far more energy efficient.



A broad efficiency curve (like Supa-Stelth) is desirable because as filters etc clog up with debris the high efficiency is maintained for longer