Bilge pumps for boats

Bilge pumps for boats

We have built and tested boat bilge pumps against the leading brands. Our Supa-Stelth pump is on average, 40% more electrically efficient. This means that our pump can pump out up to 40% more water in the same time and at the same head height! Alternatively the battery will last 40% longer to pump the same amount of water overboard – therefore possibly saving lives. The pump is at the stage that it only needs to be ‘salt water proof’ or ‘marinised’. Status:Currently seeking industrial partners. 

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The SUPA STELTH bilge pump is 40% + more efficient than the world's leading bilge pumps... The 2 charts below were generated by one of the world's largest manufacturers of bilge pumps after testing in their own laboratories. The tests were against 3 versions of our Supa-Stelth pump design (A, A3, B).

bilge pumps

bilge 2

The STELTH B bilge pump above is only 50% of the physical height of the world's largest selling competitor!