Automotive engine cooling pumps

Automotive engine cooling pumps

We have developed a working prototype for automotive engine cooling. The pump is 12v DC and is able to pump over 200 litres per minute (53 US gallons). This is more than required for the majority of 6 cycle, 4 cylinder engines. It is designed to be small enough to sit between a radiator hose and engine block.

The advantages of ‘on demand’ engine cooling are no need to run until engine temperature is normal. In cold climates this may mean rarely operating saving as much energy as fuel.

At engine shutdown the pump can continue circulating until normal temperatures are achieved. This minimizes ‘heat soak’, where the very hot exhaust manifold latent heat is absorbed back into the engine block. This is one of the main reasons engine seals and the like deteriorates so quickly. Engines will require less maintenance.

Although there are now some DC engine pumps, none of them are able to act alone and are therefore more correctly termed ‘booster pumps’.

Supa-Stelth engine cooling pumps can do the job alone in the same way now radiate fans are electrically operated on demand. Fuel savings of up to 15% are projected. Status: Currently seeking industrial partners.



The chart below compares a leading automotive engine cooling water pump with just one version of the STELTH pump. Test conducted were in the labs of one of the worlds largest pump manufacturers.

The STELTH pump had a bilge pump restrictive inlet strainer in place while the other pump did not. 22 KPA to 35 KPA of pressure is the target.

cooling graph